Online dating apps have transformed the manner we develop relationships

Since the launch of online dating websites, the industry has evolved. In a recent study by Pew Research Center, the results show that online dating apps and sites have transformed the manner in which Americans get to meet someone new to develop relationships.


A survey about online dating 

This 2019 survey has 4,860 respondents to find out their opinion on how online dating apps and sites have made a difference in their lives. The results show that three out of every 10 adults in the US stated that they have used online dating apps or websites but their use significantly differs by age and their sexual orientation.

Depending on sexual orientation and age

The survey results show that those who are bisexual, gay, or lesbian use the dating platform more often than those who are straight. Those who are younger use dating apps more often than those over 50 years old.

A positive experience 

Around 57 percent of those who use online dating apps reported that the overall experience was positive. Out of these, fourteen percent stated that it was very positive while forty-three percent said that it was just somewhat positive. Four out of 10 users said that their experience was somewhat negative of which nine percent stated that it was very negative.

Conflict is reduced

Relationships can start by meeting online and continue to prosper or fail. It is up to the couple. People may click the first time that they meet but come up with a wall as the relationship continues. Conflict happens but online dating sites do get to reduce such incidents, like differences in religious beliefs as it would be stated in the profile of those who want long-term relationships.

Expectations are upfront

Another conflict that is reduced is the expectation of the kind of relationship. The expectation would be based on the type of online dating service. There are apps for sex dates like 6App.Dating or marriage finders, so when a member joins, they know what to expect. Aside from the type of app, the profile of the person would typically give an overview of the relationship to be expected. There will also be a way to look at the person and their overall character, like if they have a good sense of humor.

Open the lines of communication

The first step for online dating is for you to pick and choose among the profiles, or you are the one that is chosen as a potential partner. Then, you can use the technology of the dating service you have joined to open the lines of communications. These lines include sending messages, photos or videos.

Make online dating work for you

As the communication lines open, you will get to know the person better. Those who have social skills and good communication skills are more successful in establishing relationships with the use of online dating apps. By developing good communication skills, you will be able to get the person to want to continue messaging and can convince them to decide that you are the best potential partner.