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Play Your Best When the Heat is On

Summer golf

Judging by the title of this article, you might think that I am talking about playing well under pressure. Of course, playing good golf under pressure is incredibly difficult, and that is certainly a topic worth discussing – but it will have to wait for another time. In this article, we are literally talking about playing well in the heat. As the summer months heat up and the temperatures climb higher, you are going to need a plan to keep your scores as low as possible.

I love playing golf in warm weather for one simple reason – the ball flies farther. However, there are also some challenges which need to be dealt with successfully if you are going to walk off the 18th green with a quality score. The tips below should help you play well all summer long in 2017.

Hydrate Before You Arrive

Before you even get to the golf course, you should already be thinking about hydration. You are going to lose plenty of fluids when on the course for several hours on a warm/hot day, so start drinking extra water prior to heading out into the sun. You never want to play ‘catch up’ in terms of hydration, as that is a game you aren’t going to win. Drink plenty of water before you get started for the day, and keep drinking it as the round progresses. If you aren’t sure that there will be water stations available on the course, do the smart thing and pack your own.

Cover Up

The natural inclination when playing on a hot day is to wear light clothing, and that does make some sense. However, you also need to be able to hide from the sun a little bit, as you are going to be out on the course for several hours. This is especially true if you are playing a course without many trees to provide shade. Wear a hat, at least, and consider putting up your umbrella from time to time so you can take a break from the direct sunlight. Also, the bright sun can wear out your eyes over time, so think about wearing sunglasses, even if you only keep them on in-between shots.

Limit Your Warm Up Session

With high temperatures in place, it isn’t going to take long to prepare your body for the round ahead. Instead of going through a full warm up session as you would when temperatures are lower, cut your warm up period down to conserve energy. Hit just enough shots to get a feel for your rhythm for the day and then head out to the first tee.

If you have any other tips for playing great golf in hot weather, we would love to hear them! Come by Cape and Islands Golf Shop in Hyannis, MA to chat with our friendly staff.