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A Change to the Pro Golf Schedule?

Golfer on a Rainy Day Leaving the Golf Course (the game is annulled because of the storm)

Change is slow to come in the world of professional golf. With that said, there is the possibility of a rather significant change coming to the professional golf schedule in the years ahead. For decades, the order of the major championships has been established – the Masters in April, the U.S. Open in June, The Open Championship in July, and the PGA Championship in August. Could that ever change? The answer just may be yes, as it is possible that the PGA Championship will be moving to May at some point in the future.

Currently, the Players Championship is held in May, providing golf with one signature event per month from April through August. However, the Players was previously contested in March, and it could move back to that pre-Masters slot in the near future. If that change comes to pass, it could pave the way for the PGA to move into May. Of course, a significant change like that does not come without a couple of potential complications.

The Weather Factor

Perhaps the biggest complicating factor in this equation is the weather. If the PGA is played in May, the list of potential hosts will be reduced rather significantly. Planning a major in a northern state would be a dicey proposition that early in the year, as a long or rough winter could make it difficult to properly prepare the course. Instead, the PGA would likely remain mostly in warm weather states to avoid problems. As the championship has been played plenty of times both in the Northeast and the upper Midwest, some of the traditional sites may be rules out going forward.

Another complicating factor is the ongoing marketing initiative of the PGA Championship being “Glory’s Last Shot”. The PGA has long promoted their major as the last chance of the year to claim a major championship title. Would the PGA be willing to give up that designation for a more to May? Only time will tell.

The NFL Monster

One of the driving forces behind this potential shake-up is the fact that the NFL looms large when September rolls around. Currently, the FedEx Cup Playoffs are contested in September, often receiving rather low ratings due to the fact that they are shown opposite NFL games on Sunday afternoons. If the PGA was in May, however, the playoffs could take place in August. The rest of the sports calendar is pretty light in August, meaning golf may be able to grab a bigger audience. And, when the NFL starts up, the golf schedule would be completed.

So what do you think? Would it be a good idea to move the PGA Championship into May, and the Players into March? Stop by Cape and Islands Golf Shop in Hyannis, MA to chat about this possibility. We hope to see you soon!