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Going on a Birdie Binge


I don’t know of a feeling in golf that is better than walking off the green with a birdie. Every golfer can be happy with a birdie, whether you are a low handicapper or a total beginner. Not only does a birdie do wonders for your scorecard, but it will also provide you with a big boost of confidence for the rest of the round.

During his recent two-week run of domination on the PGA Tour, Justin Thomas has plenty of opportunities to feel good walking off of a green. When you add up the eight rounds of golf that he played in Hawaii, Thomas completed 144 holes – and he birdied 51 of them! That is ridiculous to say the least, but it actually sells him short. Why? Simple – four of the holes were not birdies because they were eagles. So, in total, that means he played 55 under-par holes out of 144 tries. Not too shabby.

While most of us ‘mere mortals’ would be happy to make 51 birdies throughout the course of an entire season – or a few seasons – we can still learn from the way Thomas performed out in Hawaii. How can you get started on your own birdie binge from time to time? Check out the tips below. If you would like to chat about your own ideas for making more birdies, come on in to Cape and Islands Golf Shop in Hyannis, MA today to talk with our friendly team. We hope to see you soon!

#1 – Be Aggressive

It might go without saying, but you aren’t going to make very many birdies if you are using conservative targets for your shots. You have to play aggressive in order to set up short birdie chances, so take dead aim with your short and mid-irons. It is still a good idea to play relatively safe with your longer clubs, but be sure to put the pin in your sights when you get within 150-yards or so of the target.

#2 – Master the Speed of the Greens

You can’t make birdies simply by hitting quality approach shots – you also need to be putting well. Before you head to the first tee, spend some time on the practice green working on your speed control for the day. Many amateur golfers skip this step before they tee off, and the results speak for themselves once the round begins. I personally like to spend between 10 – 15 minutes putting before I walk to the first tee, and you should consider doing the same.

#3 – Play with Confidence

This is the hardest thing for us amateur golfers to do. Most of us have more doubt about our swings than anything else, but you are going to need to summon some confidence if you want to make multiple birdies in the same round. Believe in yourself, trust the practice that you have done on the range, and allow your talent to shine through while on the course.