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Easy Golf Gift Giving Guide

Golf Gift

Buying golf gifts for the avid player in your life isn’t always an easy task. While most golfers love to get new gear that can be used out on the links, it is tricky to pick out just the right item. You want to get them something they don’t already have, of course, but you also want it to be something they will like, and something they will use.

Meeting all of those criteria is never an easy task, but I am here to help. Thanks to my many years of experience in this area, I can offer up a few pieces of advice which just may allow you to walk away with the perfect golf gifts for everyone on your list. Review the list below for some of my favorite pieces of golf gift giving advice. And, of course, if you still need help, you can always stop by Cape and Islands Golf Shop in Hyannis, Mass for assistance from our friendly staff.

Start with Clothes

Instead of searching low and high for something that your loved one doesn’t already have, why not get them something that they certainly have – but could always use more of? Golfers can never have enough shirts, pants, jackets, etc., so this is a great way to go. Picking out apparel is much easier than picking out actual golf equipment, and apparel comes in a wide range of prices and styles. For many golfers, looking good is just as important as shooting a good score, so help your favorite golfer look the part with a great new piece to add to their wardrobe.

Golf Balls Are Always Needed

This is another item that is a smart pick because it is always in demand. You need golf balls to play the game, and new balls are constantly required as old golf balls get beat up, worn out, or lost. To figure out which kind to purchase, simply sneak off to take a peek inside the golf bag of your gift recipient. Look for any new golf balls that they have in the bag – most likely, those new balls are their favorite model.

The Gift of Better Golf

Going in a different direction, a creative gift idea for your favorite golfer is a lesson or set of lessons. Many golf facilities run specials around the holidays where they discount lesson packages – even if those lessons aren’t going to be taken right away. Check in to lessons at your local course and find out about any gift packages that they may have available.


It is hard to stand out from the pack on the course when everyone is using equipment from the same handful of manufacturers. Therefore, it makes sense to look into pieces of gear that can customize a set of clubs. Things like towels and head covers are great places to start. Look for a towel or head cover that features the golfer’s favorite pro sports team, or perhaps their alma mater. This type of gift will give the recipient something to be proud of on the course, and it will help their bag to stand out from the rest.