Three Ways to Dust Off Your Game for Spring
Golf Spring

If there is one good thing I can say about winter, it is that those cold months make golf even more exciting once the fairways thaw and the grass begins to grow again. By the time the courses reopen for …

A Good Walk Spoiled
Golf Walk

This saying has been attributed to Mark Twain (many think it was coined by John Feinstein in his book of the same title).  The real roots of this saying have actually been traced back to a number of different …

Your Favorite Golf Club
Golf Putter Love

Most of us have a club that just seems to feel right in our hands.  We know how far we can hit the club and what the ball will do when we hit it.  It seems that some …

5 Ways to Enjoy Golf in the New Year
5 ways to enjoy Golf in the New Year

We have been having a mild winter and many people have stopped into the Cape & Islands Golf Shop to talk about what they hope for in 2016. While it is still a few months away before we can really …

Wedge It In There
Golf Bag

When you take a cursory look at someone’s golf bag, you’ll often notice a number of club head covers displayed, suggesting the bag contains many woods.

Most amateur golfers usually opt to carry a disproportionate amount of longer hitting clubs, …

Holster That Weapon
Golf club and ball on green grass

It can be tempting to bring out the driver on every hole that isn’t a par 3.

But, leaving your driver in the bag and opting for a shorter and more accurate club might be a better option depending on …

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