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5 Tips for Golf Course Strategy


Having a golf course strategy can greatly help your game, although it often gets overlooked. A consistent winning strategy is to play the right shot at the right time, and to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some tips I’ve learned over the course of my golf experience that can improve your strategy when faced with a new or difficult course:

1.Be Aware of the Position of the Flag
It’s a good idea to note the yardage, the placement of the pin and if there are any other factors, such as a prevailing wind. If you generally play at the same course, being aware of each individual layout will help you plan ahead for future games.

2. Uphill Putting is Always Best

Putting downhill can really hurt your score. Unless you get lucky and aim the putt so well that the ball goes in, you’re going to be very upset when your ball ends up on the rough again. Uphill putts tend to be easier than downhill due to the player’s tendency to hit the ball a little harder.

3. Take the Time to Look at the Course Map
When I get to a golf course, especially if I don’t know the course very well, I always take the time to notice the layout of the course, the yardage and the setup in general. Not only should you have a plan in place for each and every shot, make sure you have a clearly-defined game strategy based on the entire course map.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Switch out your Clubs
Sometimes I carry over 14 clubs in my bag. Lately, I’ve been trying to eliminate the clubs that I very rarely use. You can tell which clubs you don’t use by the fact that they are worn down compared to your other clubs. I’ve also learned that sometimes a driver isn’t the go-to choice for every tee. I tend to use a my 7 iron the most, depending on the distance. I consider my 7 iron my favorite choice because I consistently hit them straight and on the target. If you have more control with a 2 or 3 wood, it may be worth switching up clubs to secure the position of the ball for your next shot.

5. Be Wary of Obstacles
This is what everyone tends to fear, including myself. The bunkers or ponds are set-up in a way that can make you uneasy. However, it’s a good idea to manage your trajectory in a way that makes your ball in a safer position, even if it means you have to take an extra shot.

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