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Stay Calm and Remain on the Golf Course


I generally find something worthwhile to do when commercials interrupt my TV viewing enjoyment. But I make an exception for commercials that make me laugh or are exceptionally clever. And if such commercials involve the game of golf, I make …

Set a New Personal Record in 2016


Do you remember the lowest score you have ever shot for an 18-hole round? Of course you do – I know I do. Golf is a game that is all about numbers, and no number is more important than the …

Three Ways to Dust Off Your Game for Spring

Golf Spring

If there is one good thing I can say about winter, it is that those cold months make golf even more exciting once the fairways thaw and the grass begins to grow again. By the time the courses reopen for …

A Good Walk Spoiled

Golf Walk

This saying has been attributed to Mark Twain (many think it was coined by John Feinstein in his book of the same title).  The real roots of this saying have actually been traced back to a number of different tennis …

Your Favorite Golf Club

Golf Putter Love

Most of us have a club that just seems to feel right in our hands.  We know how far we can hit the club and what the ball will do when we hit it.  It seems that some of us …

5 Ways to Enjoy Golf in the New Year

5 ways to enjoy Golf in the New Year

We have been having a mild winter and many people have stopped into the Cape & Islands Golf Shop to talk about what they hope for in 2016. While it is still a few months away before we can really …

When to Use Your Nine Iron


The nine iron may not be adequate for fighting off a kraken (see the current golf blog), but it certainly has its uses on the golf course.

As the name implies, the head of an iron is made of iron …

Three Augusta National Holes to Watch


One of the best things about The Masters is the fact that it is played on the same course each and every year. Unlike the other three majors, which rotate from course to course, golf fans (and the players) know …

Four Players to Watch as The Masters Approaches

Golf Masters Players

It is hard to get golfers to agree on much – topics like which clubs are the best, which players are the best, which courses are the best, etc., are the subject of constant debate. There is, however, one point …

10 Greatest Left Handed Golfers

Left Handed Golfers

Left handed people account for ten percent of the population yet how often do you see a left hander out on the golf course?  Some of this can be explained by the fact that, even today, some left handers are …

Future Golf Stars

Golf Stars

On any given weekend we can turn on the television and see names like Spieth, McIlroy, Fowler, and Day on the leader board.  Five years ago it was likely to be Woods or Mickelson.  In the 1960s it was Palmer, …

Fits like a Golf Glove

Golf Glove

We’ve all seen the picture of the golf pro walking up the fairway after hitting his (or her) approach shot, taking of his glove and tossing it to the caddy (or let it dangle out the back pocket). Such an …