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John Daly: Ryder Cup Captain?

John Daly

John Daly is just as famous for being a “character” as he is for being a golfer. The brash and colorful Daly has been amusing (and annoying) the golfing world for many years. Whether it is his colorful language, his …

What in the World?! Bad Calls at St. Andrews


On the other side of the Big Pond, at St. Andrews golf course in Scotland, golf’s most prestigious major tournament is underway, and things haven’t been going well. As I write this blog, it is Sunday in the U.S., and …

Spieth’s Sprezzatura

Jordan Spieth

You won’t often find me quoting Pulitzer Prize-winning economist Thomas Friedman in this golf blog, but I feel compelled to share his recent observations on Jordan Spieth. Friedman, himself a golfer (handicap: 5.6), was invited to be a contributor …

The U.S. Open: Watching and Hosting

The U.S. Open

The U.S. Open kicks off on June 18 this year, and those of us not fortunate enough to attend in person are eagerly awaiting the televised event. The news this year is that the Open is being covered by a …

Welcome to Lake Byron Nelson

golf ball in a hazard

First Mother Nature tried to drown the Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth. When that didn’t quite work, she upped her efforts at the Byron Nelson Tournament near Dallas. The latter part of the Texas Tour …

The True Heart of Golf

The True Heart of Golf

When I read Ron Sirak’s article in Golf Digest this week, I felt something I don’t feel every day: inspiration. I tend to be skeptical when I’m told that a story is unarguably inspirational, or that so-and-so is a …

The Netherlands Challenges Scotland as the Inventor of Golf

History of golf

Scotland touts itself as the home of golf, the place where driving a ball into a small hole by means of a club became popular in the 15th century. In fact, golf was so popular that it detracted from …

Is Tiger Done?

Tiger Woods

In case you’re wondering whether Tiger Woods is set to make a comeback, as speculation often posits, let Golf Digest’s Shane Ryan answer your question: No. Tiger, says Ryan, is not coming back, ever; he is “totally, completely, unequivocally, and …

The Fortune and Misfortune of Roberto De Vicenzo

Roberto DeVicenzo

What were, are, or might you be doing, golf-wise, at the age of 57? If you answered, “Winning the U.S. Senior Open,” you put yourself in the very good company of Argentinian golfer Roberto De Vicenzo, who won the inaugural

Golf Gifts for Dad


Father’s Day is almost upon us, and as always, the dilemma is what gift to give the man who is so important in your life, but who very likely has everything. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dad who …

The Best Mothers Day Gift

Anna Nordqvist

Mothers Day in the U.S. has come and gone, but Sweden did not celebrate its version of the holiday until Sunday, May 27. On that day, one woman acquired the perfect gift to please her mother: an LPGA trophy. …

The Soft (Golf) Ball

The Soft (Golf) Ball

The soft ball is no longer limited to the kind you hit with a bat. The soft golf ball has taken the lead as the ball with the best “feel”—a quality that is now deemed more important for playability than …